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This site is maintained by Nathaniel Fruchter. Say hi through email or on Github.

Thanks and credits

This site and back-end comment indexing code was forked from Chris Sinchok. Check out his original analysis from back in May (before FCC comment analytics became a trend).

Some sentiment analysis and source matching code is taken from fccforensics by Ragtag, licensed under GPLv3.

The email blacklist used to determine throwaway emails is here and is in the public domain.

Comment data comes from the FCC. Submitted comments, names, addresses, and other submission metadata is placed into the public record. Data about individuals stored on FCC systems is subject to the Privacy Act.


This site runs on Python and Django with an Elasticsearch backend. The stack runs on AWS and data is ingested from the FCC's ECFS API. Click the GitHub ribbon at the top right to check out the code.